Hot Shot Trucking Services in Louisville

There are some shipments that don’t have to go a great distance. In times such as those, the hot shot trucking services of GMT Resources, LLC are here for you. Ranked among the finest of all trucking companies in the Louisville region, we are here to serve you.

We minimize liabilities, reduce downtime, and save you money in more ways than one. Work with us when you need same-day delivery for your valuables. Between our routinely serviced trailers and trucks and our skilled delivery team, we’re confident we’ll exceed expectations. Call us at (330) 323-4528 today.

Hot Shot Shipping for You

Since opening our doors to the public, we have established ourselves as some of the most celebrated hot shot trucking experts in the region. We have ascended the ranks of our field by offering the most efficient shipping and trucking services in the region—but that’s not all. Alongside the promise of on-time delivery and zero-liability shipping practices comes a customer experience like no other.

Some of what you can expect from us includes:

  • Helpful administrative staff
  • Logistics services
  • Transparent policies
  • Up-front quotes & no hidden fees
  • Personable and professional drivers
  • And more

When you have our team overseeing the transporting of your freight, you won’t have a thing to worry about. We take the cargo’s needs—and the customer’s needs—into consideration every step of the way.

You’ll Love Our Rates

You want same day, expedited shipping for your construction materials, heavy-duty equipment, or whatever you desire to ship through us. What’s more, you also want manageable shipping rates, as well. Rest assured, we price our services according to the standards of our industry. Depending on the cargo and the number of medium-duty trucks and trailers required for the job, professionals like us charge by the mile. Our up-front nature ensures you’ll know exactly how we are pricing our services prior to our arrival.

Handling Cargo with Care

Not a day goes by that we are not serving the people in our community. Some days we might serve local construction firms, while other days we might work with homeowners, agricultural workers, or industrial factories. No matter the scenario, we always treat our client’s valuable cargo like our own.

We fasten heavy-duty equipment, crates, and boxes to our gooseneck trailers and always make sure to double-check our handiwork prior to departure. After securing cargo to the trailers, our licensed drivers navigate the roads with unrivaled professionalism. Our drivers don’t just know how to handle the roads—they also know how to handle the lengthy trailers hitched onto our routinely serviced vehicles.

Call the Hot Shot Truckers Now

Entrust your valuable products and other valuable materials with our hot shot trucking company. With us overseeing the delivery process, you or the recipients will not have a thing to worry about. From departure to destination, we conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism. Call (330) 323-4528 to inquire further about delivery rates, cargo restrictions, availabilities, and more.