Flatbed Trucking in New Philadelphia

GMT Resources, LLC is the premier flatbed trucking company in New Philadelphia, offering a full-service flatbed trucking delivery option for businesses and individuals in our community.

No matter the cargo, distance, or timeline, we have the experience and equipment necessary to guarantee a timely, safe, and reliable flatbed transportation service. Our fleet of vehicles is well serviced and ready to get your cargo where it needs to go. Get your oversized load delivered in perfect condition when you call us at (330) 323-4528.

What Can Flatbeds Haul?

Flatbed trucks are one of the most popular trucking methods on the market for one main reason: their size and versatility. Although we have many types of trucks in our arsenal, our flatbeds are the ones you want when you have cargo that’s too large to fit in an enclosed trailer or that doesn’t need protection from the outdoor elements.

Flatbeds have no enclosure to limit the type of cargo we can transport. Their open concept makes them perfect to transport loads that are longer or wider than could be loaded in any trailer. This freedom gives you access to an option for any large cargo you might have. It also lets you load up more of your things on each trip.

All the cargo you can imagine will fit in our flatbeds, including:

  • Logs and lumber
  • Steel pipes and coils
  • Construction materials
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Many more

With flatbed trucking, the options are truly endless. As long as your materials don’t need to be protected from rain and sun, we can load them up and deliver them safely.

Reach out at (330) 323-4528 to get a perfect flatbed trucking service.

Professional Flatbed Truckers

GMT Resources, LLC is the premier flatbed trucking company in New Philadelphia for two reasons: our trucks and our drivers.

We keep a fleet of well-maintained and top-of-the-line flatbed trucks to ensure your deliveries are always kept in reliable vehicles. Breakdowns in the engine, issues with tires, or issues with the bed are never an issue because we regularly inspect and maintain every part of our trucks between our deliveries.

Our drivers are also exceptional. Every member of our team is a well-seasoned professional driver with years of service in the trucking industry. They all take care to load, secure, drive, unload your cargo without any issues, keeping your delivery safe and pristine.

Your satisfaction is our top priority with every job, which is why we are dedicated to providing reliability and dependability with our flatbed trucking services. To get help from a flatbed trucking company that cares about you, contact us at (330) 323-4528.

Book an Affordable Flatbed

Not all flatbed companies are equal: this is true of the service and of the rates they offer. At GMT Resources, LLC, we are proud to offer the lowest rates on flatbed trucking around. We do this by being efficient with our work at every stage, saving you both time and money.

We`re the team for you to get the best flatbed service in New Philadelphia. Book your delivery today!