Oversize Load Trucking in New Philadelphia

GMT Resources, LLC makes oversize load trucking easier for businesses in New Philadelphia. We are the seasoned professionals you can always count on for forward-thinking solutions and a variety of well-maintained heavy-duty vehicles to accommodate your needs. In addition to providing specialized equipment and industry-leading safety solutions, we also go to great lengths to employ a team of dedicated driving professionals who are fully licensed and insured.

When you need a logistics expert who puts the safety of timely delivery of your freight first, don’t hesitate to reach us for a comprehensive estimate.

Oversize Load Truck: Permits and Safety Requirements

In most cases, an oversize load is classified as anything that exceeds 8.5 feet in both width and height. When these dimensions are reached and surpassed, you’ll need a professional with plenty of experience and the right tools, training, and equipment to meet your deadlines. We’re confident in our ability to meet your high standards.

Obtaining Oversize Load Permits

When you hire an oversize load truck to move massive equipment, building components, machinery, and other types of cargo, you need a partner who can walk you through the necessary permits and safety requirements to ensure transport is a complete success. That’s one of the places where our experience shines. We guarantee your paperwork is filled out correctly and that all permitting is in place before we begin loading.

Safety Is a Must

Safety considerations are another significant component in the efficient and successful transport of large goods. This is another area where we feel our expertise is second to none. We provide all the required safety measures, including:

  • Clearly marked escort vehicles (aka pilot vehicles) with lights, flags, banners, and signs 
  • Warning signs 
  • Safety flags 
  • Safety lights 
  • Wide load banners 

We’re always looking for ways to serve you better. Reach our team to discuss the specifics of your next shipment during a risk-free consultation.

What to Consider When Hiring a Wide Load Trucking Company

Large shipments that exceed standard width and height requirements are valuable, and any delays in shipment can cause your company to incur significant expenses and hassle. For this reason, we recommend doing some research before you sign a contract with a wide load trucking company.

Here are the top 5 questions we recommend asking:

  1. Does the company offer guidance and expertise with the acquisition of permits?
  2. Do they measure up to compliance standards with property safety equipment and attire?
  3. Are they fully insured? If so, is the value of your cargo covered in case of damage?
  4. Are loading and unloading fees included in initial estimates?
  5. Do they offer competitive rates and exceptional service?

Hire an Affordable Wide-Load Trucking Expert

GMT Resources, LLC makes it easier than ever to hire a responsible wide-load trucking company that is committed to helping businesses in New Philadelphia move heavy-duty shipments quickly and efficiently. We go the extra mile to ensure your goods are delivered in perfect condition and that you and the clients receiving your goods are delighted with our service from start to finish.

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