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Frequently Asked Trucking Questions

Can I expedite my shipment?

Yes, you can. Expediting shipments is easiest through road shipping. Take a look at our truck shipping options and our small shipping service for more information.

How are shipping rates determined?

Shipping rates vary, depending on the type of transportation, the distance, the weight of the shipment, and more. For context, road shipping is typically more affordable than air shipping, though air shipping is typically the fastest option.

How should I package my items?

When using transportation, it’s essential to ensure your items are tightly packed and well-sealed. We also recommend packaging your items to minimize movement. Our drivers are fully licensed and insured, but road conditions can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to take every precaution possible.

What is the difference between truckload and less-than-truckload?

The differences between less-than-truckload and truckload are primarily a matter of size. Less-than-truckload freight is larger than a parcel but doesn’t fill an entire trailer and is typically less than 15 000 lbs. Truckload shipments tend to be between 15 000 to 45 000 pounds.

What shipping option should I use?

That depends on the size of your delivery and the type of cargo being shipped. If you estimate your delivery is smaller than a truckload and needs to be shipped locally, we recommend small shipping. If your shipment is large enough to fill a truckload, we recommend road shipping.

Are your shipments temperature-controlled?

We have a variety of shipping options to meet various needs. One of our shipping options is temperature-controlled shipping, ideal for perishable goods, such as plants, foods, or pharmaceuticals.

Are shipments tracked?

Yes, we track all of our road shipments using up-to-date GPS technology. Depending on the shipping method, we may provide shipping updates as your shipment is in transit.

Do you offer interstate shipping?

Yes, we offer both local shipping as well as interstate shipping. Depending on the shipping type used, long-distance shipping can be done relatively fast. An affordable option to consider to expedite long-distance shipping is rail transportation.

Do you offer door-to-door shipping?

If you opt-in for our truck transportation, we offer door-to-door shipping within a local area. Truck shipping makes local transportation much more straightforward, as our drivers can meet clients at points of convenience.

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